Pattern: Split Finger Mittens

Also known as Shooters, Hunting Mittens, Trigger Mittens, Shotgun mittens… uh… finger mittens? these are mittens with three ‘compartments’ as it were – thumb, hand, and finger, used for pulling the trigger on your shotgun when it’s cold. I had been looknig for a free pattern fot these for a while yet that I could understand (and had a picture… sorry, no picture for you today) and couldn’t find anything so I decided to just invent something. It was not hard.

The Yarn: Double ply plain alpaca. It was the dregs so the yarn came out pretty itchy, but these were basically just tests so I didn’t really care.

Equipment: Set of four double pointed needles (not sure what size. About a six US, I think), four large saftey pins (or an assload of small ones. Or a couple of stitch holders), 1 beer-can tab (or a stitch marker), wool needle.


Cuff: CO 28 stitches and divide them however you like. K1 P1 for 3 inches.
K two rounds plain.
Increase four (not all in the same place or it will look really weird)
K 1, place marker, k the rest of round plain.

Thumb Increase:
Round 1 Increase 1, k1, increase 1, slip marker, knit around plain.
Round 2 Knit
Repeat rows 1 & 2 until there are 13 stitches on the needle before the marker.
Slip increase stitches onto your safety pins.

Hand: Knit the rest of the way around until you get back to where you slipped the stitches on. Then increase one (preferably by digging into the mitten and picking up a loose bit somewhere) and knit around, pulling the yarn tight across the gap so as so avoid a big hole at the base of the thumb.
Knit plain until the mitten reaches the base of your index finger.

Finger: Slip 10 stitches onto your other two holders (make sure that the place you’re making the finger lines up properly with the place you’re putting the thumb or else it won’t go on your hand and I would laugh).

Other Fingers: Knit over the gap like you did for the thumb.
Increase four (again, not all in the same spot to avoid weirdness).
Knit plain until the mitten reaches the top of your smallest finger (presumably the pinky).

Mitten top:
Round 1 *K4, K2tog, repeat from * to end of row.
Round 2 Knit
Round 3 *k3, K2tog, repeat from * to end of row
Round 4 Knit
Keep this up (k2, k2tog; k1 k2tog etc) until you do a round of just K2tog
Then, cut the yarn leaving a long tail to sew the stitches together using a wool needle (I personally prefer to use a crochet hook, but I think most people would rather the wool needle).

Finger: Pick up the stitches on the safety pins and knit around. When you get to the gap, dig into the mitten fabric and pick up three or four extra stitches.
Knit around.
Decrease until you are back to ten stitches.
Knit around until the finger reaches your nail.
*K3, K2tog, repeat from *
Knit around
Finish the same way as the rest of the mitten.

Thumb: Same as finger, only with 12 stitches.

Finishing: Sew in ends.


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