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My family killed the turkeys on Friday (I was at work unfortunately and did not get to watch/participate) and we ate one of them today. He was tasty. Anyway, we also had a bunch of vegetables and good stuff from the gardens of my mother and aunts. This thanksgiving was totally bitchin.



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I got me some roosters yesterday. Woo! Will post pics maybe.

Sorry About That

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I’ve been working and that has sort of put a rift in my update schedule (which was not particularly rigid in the first place. Anyway, a few things have happened since I’ve been absent:

We lost a whole mess of chickens to foxes or raccoons during the fair. All but one of the adult buff rocks, all but one of the young buff rocks, Little Crow (a beautiful black rock hen – I loved her and almost ran over a couple of raccoons driving home from work for revenge) and the remaining partidge rock. The Buff rock hen died today. So we really only have two laying hens left.

On the other hand, my aunt and mother bought six Silver Phoenix hens, two roosters, one partiridge and one buff silkie the other day. They are absolutely beautiful and since they are quite young they will only get more so. Also, I’m arranging to buy four roosters – two Buff Brahmas, one black cochin and one blue cochin – from some people I know. They would be pets. I haven’t seen them but apparently they arerather stunning.

Also, the two remaining turkeys are probably going to get killed tomorrow morning. I will be at work and thus unable to assist with the cleaning and so forth. Oh well. And we sheared Finn today too. Good stuff.

Anyway, that’s what’s going on. I will try to write more frequently now.

County Fair

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The Queens County fair started today. w00t Tangled Flocks had a float in the parade and won first prize for best family farm float. We were the only float in that catagory, of course… anyway, the guy driving the tractor what pulled the float was the local MLA. How weird is that. Gotta love rural life. So yeah, I’m going to take my camera down when we go later so I will have some photos and shit to put up here.

Also, I’m trying to figure out how to delete a blog on here… I don’t really want to keep my cooking blog seeing as it is almost totally poitnless but I dunno hwo to get rid of it. So… how?


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As promised, some crappy ass pictures taken mere moments ago using the flash. Yay! Flash! I think my brother would be offended to know I was taking such shitty photos with his camera.

DSC_8079First off, a scarf I’m working on. I made one before and a woman commissioned (I’m too lazy to look up the spelling so I’m just going to hope) two more so I kind of have to get on that. Fuck. Anyway, it’s Gabe’s mohair plyed with angora from Chuck/Emmy/possibly the late Jude. Using size 6 needles, CO 12 sts. k1 p1 until you’re done. Easy pattern. The amount of yarn required depends on how long you want it and I don’t have a gauge yet so… yeah.

Close up

Close up

And there’s the closeup. Mmhm. Yes, the photos were taken on my bed.  Note how grotty the sheets are. I can’t remember the last time I cleaned my room but I found I spider in my bed when I was getting in so I guess the time is now. I will do that tomorrow I guess. Hopefully I won’t sleep in so fucking late.

DSC_8078Anyway, this is a tiny spinning wheel a friend of mine gave me today. She is cool. Note how messy the surrounding area is. It’s sitting ontop of my record player (which reminds me, I should take the record outta there lest it gets warped. My friend said that would happen) as well as a letter I wrote to somebody which has been sitting around for, like, two weeks. And then there’s a pile of crap next to it. My room is a dump.

DSC_8077For scale, here it is next to a VHS copy of The Lost Boys which is kind of a crappy movie, but sort of funny. I have a weird thing for Kiefer Sutherland even though I’ve heard he is an arsehole, and Lost Boys is my second favourite performance of his. I think I’ve only seen three movies with him (I’ve never watched 24 either), which are, in reversed order of how much I enjoyed him in the movie:

3. Dark City (1998) – Bitchin movie, but Kiefer was really weird and retarded in it. I mean, what the fuck was that supposed to be? It did, however, start my love of both Rufus Sewell (who is weird in every single movie he’s in. What the fuck is up with that guy?) and Jennifer Connelly.

2. The Lost Boys (1987) – Discussed above. I remember when I first watched that movie I really enjoyed it but it kind of lost all of its goodness for me when I saw the vastly superior and similarly themed Near Dark.

1. Stand By Me (1986) – He is such a badass in that movie I love him. I mean, he’s a complete jackass and a nasty piece of work and really not my type but… I dunno, I thought he was hot. Go figure. That movie is fucking amazing too. Again, I’m generally not into that kind of movie but I think that’s what makes me like it more in a way. It exceeded my expectations and was just really fuckin good. Yeah.

Yeah, so those are the Kiefer Sutherland movies I’ve seen. My favourite Donald Sutherland movies are as follows:

3. Mash (1970) – Eh, I don’t really recall my brain exploding with wonder at his performance in this but he was pretty cute and I love me some Robert Altman.

2. Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978) – Fuckin a.

1. Virus (1999) – No, I jest.

Good christ, this is turning into my other blog. Oh well. Bye.


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I haven’t been doing a hell of a lot lately, but I do have some stuff I need to photograph. I will do that tonight, probably. Photos will be uploaded, yes indeed.


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Nico the chicken died. I think probably the other chickens killed him/her but I guess it could have been internal bleeding. So that’s a downer.

Jude died as well, same day, meaning that we only have one of our original rabbits left (Annie). He was a pretty good rabbit so that was also a downer. We were planning on breeding him to Tera and getting some german/french crosses but… so much for that. My mother put POE in with her the other night though. So maybe satin/french rabbits. They would have nice fibre.